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Victoria en cangrejos

Charcoal on canvas

Daniel Lind-Ramos

Daniel Lind-Ramos is a sculptor and painter from the northern coastal town of Loiza, Puerto Rico. He attended the University of Puerto Rico where he received his BA and graduated with a Master’s of Art from NYU in 1980. He describes his themes and intention of his practice:

“To pay tribute to traditional Afro-descendant communities through the presentation of the materials and practices that represent them is to evaluate their contribution to history and, at the same time, suggest a fundamental part of the strategies of an expressive program that tries to create, from the particular and specific, an aesthetic which, like an inclusive and totalizing mass, reflects from the polysomic of its meanings humanity as a whole.”

His most recent exhibitions include solo exhibitions Armario de la Memoria (Storage of Memory) in Marlborough Gallery, New York 2020; De Loíza a la Loíza at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (MAC) 2020, San Juan, Puerto Rico; Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum, New York 2019.


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