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A condición de la sala de estar

Mixed media installation (bamboo curtain, ceramic elephants, found industrial materials, coconut branch, extension cord, iPhone). variable dimensions.

Las Nietas de Nonó

The work of Las Nietas de Nonó is fueled by the intersection of theater, performance, dance, activism, ecology, emancipatory education and local food. In the old plot of their paternal grandparents, Don Nonó (farmer) and Doña Manuela (curandera or healer), located in the San Antón neighborhood in Carolina, they manage Patio Taller, an art workshop and knowledge exchange to honor the practices that have come to life on the plot since the late 40’s: the exchange of fruit crops, healing by medicinal plants and the raising of farm animals.


Las Nietas de Nonó have received the United States Artist Award (2018), The Art of Change from the Ford Foundation (2017), and the Global Arts Fund of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (2017). Their work has been shown in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, the United States, Scotland, Germany and England.

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