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OSAIN Espíritu del Bosque

Plastic resin, dark brown and bronze metallic patina

Samuel Lind Hernández

Samuel Lind studied Plastic Arts during the seventies and had the grace of being the ward of some great artists of our country such as Augusto Marín, Lorenz Omar, and José Alicea. His career began by identifying with the cultural traditions throughout Puerto Rico and especially his beloved Loíza people within the tradition of screen printing. It has always been nourished by the beauty of its coasts and natural beauty. His expression transports the observer to dream of that moment when there were more green areas and more tranquility based on a simple and focused lifestyle. His universal message makes us pause and reflect on the changes in our world. He has exhibited his work in many parts of the world.
His nostalgic vision awakens in the observer a deeper connection with nature. Over time Lind has become a conservation educator and nature activist. His momentum has not waned and so he does his part in maintaining the traditions by keeping them up to date with the young people who also feel connected and share the culture.

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