About Me

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Ama de leche

Wood, phone book paper, and acrylic

Damaris Cruz “Damalola”

Fine arts artist, plant lover and coffee addict, graduated from the University of Puerto Rico. In 2011 presented her first solo show “Humareda” working in response of the Capeco Explosion.

In the past years she’s been participating with different collectives and events featuring live painting and mural creations in Puerto Rico and internationally.
At the present time, still works with her mural projects of old abandoned wooden houses, recovering that ignored spaces in the city, and reaching erase the limits between the mural and the environment around of the public. Her street art style is the mixed media collage using her trademark of the yellow pages and photography.

Working with the theme of nostalgia, disuse and memories from the sentimentalism of tropical kitsch, beliefs and traditions of the cotidianity.

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